Volunteers wanted for ‘Rivers’ tranquillity garden

ArtCare are supporting end of life care to create a tranquil garden space at SDH. The Stars Appeal have received a generous grant to provide planting, garden tools and furniture and we need extra volunteers to help out creating a wonderful outside space for patients, family and staff to get some breathing space away from the ward areas.

From early spring next year we’ll need regular help with planting, light garden tidying, cleaning, painting furniture, installing raised beds and ongoing maintenance etc. We are also creating a space for patient and therapy teams to access from Stroke and Dementia care teams. ArtCare induction will include training and support, gloves, tools and safety advice.

Volunteering with ArtCare will have benefits for you as well:

  • Volunteer parking permit
  • Public liability insurance
  • Travel expenses (within a 20 mile radius) and meal allowances as set out by Voluntary Services criteria
  • An opportunity for you to develop your personal and teamwork skills
  • Work experience
  • Appropriate training and ongoing support from ArtCare staff and Voluntary Services
  • Regular personal meetings to explore individual training needs and ideas for new work including interim & exit interviews

Skills and responsibilities:

Volunteers do not need previous experience; however enjoying being outdoors and getting mucky are a requisite!

  • Ideally available for a minimum of ˝ day per month (this is a flexible arrangement)
  • To respect and uphold Trust policies including Health & Safety, Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities and the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Reliability, and responsibility to the team – be realistic and don’t take on too much

As a volunteer, you are expected to be professional in your duties. You are representing both Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and ArtCare. ArtCare staff will always hold final responsibility for the task / session and will advise on any technical aspects of the current work. We want our volunteers to be respected for the skills they bring as individuals. Our aim is to give you an opportunity to gain experience and achievement of helping to create a lasting space for all to enjoy.

Contact Lesley Meaker on 01722 33626 ext 5618 for an informal talk or any queries email Lesley Meaker.

Exhibiting - 3D artists

artwork on display in sculpture courtyard - ArtCare

For large external pieces such as stone sculpture, bronze, willow, and installation art we have a locked external courtyard off the main corridor on Level 4, SDH North. Pieces are viewed from inside through large windows. Click here to email ArtCare's exhibition organiser, Lesley Meaker, to find out more.

Temporary Exhibitions - 2D artists

Lesley Meaker hanging an exhibition

ArtCare has a temporary exhibition space along the main hospital corridors and regularly programmes individual artists and groups to display 2D artworks in a variety of media. Exhibitions are programmed 18 months in advance.

Download general guidelines for exhibiting 2D artworks at the hospital

If you are interested in exhibiting either 2D or 3D artwork please email Lesley Meaker with details about the work you would like to display and your availability.


cleaning the petal installation under A&E ramp

Want to bring your skills and experience to Arts in Health? ArtCare welcomes volunteers and will match the skills volunteers bring to different tasks.

Click here to read more about what it's like to volunteer for ArtCare including the benefits to you.

If you are interested involunteering please contact Lesley Meaker, Exhibition Organiser to discuss in more detail.

Work Experience

ArtCare provides opportunities for students interested in art to spend time working with the team gaining an insight into arts in health. Tasks are varied and you can expect to be involved in practical artwork as well as associated administrative tasks.

"Everyone in the ArtCare team has been very supportive and positive... I am happy that I chose to have my work experience here, as it has given me an improved understanding of the ArtCare department and the general workplace. I would definitely recommend applying for a placement here."
(Jaye Sheppard, student)

Students in Years 10 and 11, as well as A-level and degree students have all been on placements with ArtCare. The duration of placements is normally one week full-time, but other options can be considered.

How to apply for work experience

Applications for work experience must be received between Sept-Dec for a placement the following spring. This is to allow all necessary checks to be carried out and for ArtCare to plan your activities.

If you are interested, please email or write to: Jo Jarvis, Voluntary Services, HR Dept, Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury, SP2 8BJ