Shackleton in hospital

Shackleton dog puppet with Anna

With funding and additional donations from various sources, the Elevate programme has been able to deliver theatre performances around the hospital. Tall Tree Theatre are regular visitors with their interactive puppet show Shackleton. Shackleton, a wooden dog, has been delighting patients of all ages from young children on Sarum Ward to older people on Spire Ward. Anna from Tall Tree describes her experience of transferring the show to a hospital setting.

“The response from the staff greatly supports what we do. We’re welcomed on arrival with enthusiasm, during our performances a nurse often whizzes passed saying ‘hello Shackleton, I hope you’re behaving yourself?!’ and a cleaner told us last week ‘That’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before. We all need that darling, we all need that’.

NHS70 song

Hospital staff with Sarah Collins singing NHS70 song

Hospital staff joined together to celebrate 70yrs of the NHS with a specially written song, 'We shall overcome', being used nationwide by hospital choirs to mark the anniversary. Musician and singer Sarah Collins, who is also one of our regular Elevate artists, rehearsed the group over 3 weeks, before leading mini performances around the hospital on 17th October. Other songs included the Beatles' 'With a little help from my friends'.

Video of hospital staff singing 'With a little help from my friends' (.wmv) >
Video of hospital staff singing 'We shall overcome' (.wmv) >

Artworks for Pembroke Ward

swans and graphical shapes - artwork design for bedroom Pembroke ward

A series of bespoke designed artworks for the bedrooms, bays and entrance to the new Pembroke Ward and Suite on Level 3 of the hospital have now been installed. The artworks, printed on vinyl, cleverly continue from the wall part way across the ceiling to create much needed colour and focus to rooms used by Oncology patients.

Graphical flower shapes layered to create design on wall and ceiling tiles, bedroom Pembroke ward Pembroke Ward entrance with corridor artworks, layered images of nature and shapes Blossom flower head shapes layered with colour and graphic shapes

The artworks were all designed by Penny Calvert and were inspired by shapes found in nature, layered with textures from scanned fabrics and graphical shapes and patterns. Working closely with Lee at Signs in Motion in Salisbury, Penny's designs were printed onto vinyl and installed in time for the ward opening.

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Breathing space

Salisbury Hospice garden

"...breaks don’t have to be a reaction to feeling stressed, they can be a proactive step to prevent stress and improve overall wellbeing. It’s important to be able to have somewhere to go that’s not just the opposite corner of your desk!"

Read ArtCare volunteer Millie Forbes' article on wellbeing in the workplace. Millie interviewed key members of staff about their experiences before writing this in-depth piece for us.

extract from walking guide

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