Current Exhibitions

ArtCare exhibitions help to create a friendly hospital environment and an opportunity for artists to display their pictures in a lively public space. 30% commission is taken on all sales, which helps fund the art service. All exhibitions are free to view.

EXHIBITION OPENING TIMES: Main corridor exhibitions are open at anytime. Exhibitions on side corridors (Level 3 Medical Surgical, Endoscopy and Plastic Surgery) are only open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Catalogues can be picked up from the holders alongside the exhibition. For more information or to make a purchase from an exhibition please contact Exhibitions Organiser, Lesley Self on ext. 5618. Payment can be made by cheque or debit/credit card. Arrangements can also be made for a short guided tour, please telephone to book.

Ringwood Art Society

11 January 7 February 2019
Level 3 & 4 Main corridors & Medical Surgical Outpatients corridor, Salisbury District Hospital

Into the light by Stephanie Edwards, stylised acrylic painting  of roses in a vase on a table

Local landscapes, stills lifes and more in the annual show from the Ringwood Art Society members. Group members show their skills is a variety of media including watercolours, pastels and acrylics. The public can also vote for the favourite image. Highlights include winter landscapes on level 4 main corridors including local scenes from the New Forest. Level 3 main corridor has a lively and colourful selection of animal paintings, drawings and travel landscapes. The Ringwood Art Society was formed in 1968 to provide opportunities for members to extend their knowledge and interest in art generally, to provide a means for members to exhibit and possibly sell their work and to stimulate an interest in art amongst members of the public.


Pembroke/ Elderly Care courtyard, Level 2, Phase II building

Echo by Charlotte Moreton

Echo has been loaned to ArtCare by the artist Charlotte Moreton for display at Salisbury District Hospital. Charlotte Moreton trained at the Frink School of Figurative Sculpture (1999-2001) and combines sculpture and teaching with nature conservation work. Her sculpture is greatly influenced by trees and nature and "her immense sensitivity to people and the environment has given her a flying start in her career as a sculptor" (Rosemary Barnett, Director of the Frink School).

Exhibition Access Information - Click here to download our access guide for further information on travel, disabled access, toilets and refreshments. Hospital site maps can be found on the Trust's website.

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