Elevate Programme

The Elevate programme is continuing into its third successful year with funding from the Salisbury Hospital Charitable Trustees. The programme provides regular creative events and activities for patients on wards. Elevate programme coordinator Rebecca Seymour says, ‘We have a team of artists and volunteers working on eight different wards, three days a week engaging and interacting with patients. The creative activities help distract patients from the routine of the hospital day and lift their spirits. We also invite professional musicians to play once a month in what is best described as ‘a concert by the bedside.'

Tim Laycock playing on Farley ward Seckou Keita playing on the wards at Salisbury Hospital

Other aspects of the programme, which has expanded over the years, include monthly vintage style tea parties on the ward (see below), an intern scheme where emerging artists are able to gain experience being mentored by an established Elevate artist and an in-depth evaluation of the programme undertaken by the University of Winchester.

Meet the Elevate artists

Sarah Collins

Read about the Elevate artists who regularly lead music, movement, storytelling, poetry and reminiscence sessions on the wards.

Elevate concert dates

Ken Aiso

Ken Aiso
21st June 2016
Springs 1.00-1.20pm

Evaluation report

Elevate report front cover

Download 'Using the arts to uplift people in hospital' - the final report by Dr Costanza Preti from the University of Winchester evaluating the Elevate programme

Tea Parties

Elevate has been running vintage tea parties on Redlynch and Pitton Wards since September 2014. In addition, patients on Winterslow ward were also recently treated to a tea party. The monthly events have a 1950s theme, with tea, cakes and scones served on vintage china from a decorated trolley by a glamorous hostess and accompanied by live music for everyone to sing along to. The tea parties lift the energy on the wards and create a lighter, more social atmosphere for patients, encouraging them to eat more at this social occasion. As one of our musical 'hostesses' says: “The tea party transports people from the hospital environment to a happier place full of smiles, cupcakes and music - what magic!”

Elevate tea party on the ward Elevate tea party

There have been lots of lovely reactions from patients, visitors and staff...

"I can’t believe I’m worth all this fuss! That singing was good… now I’ll eat me cake!" (patient)

“It has really lifted my wife’s spirits…and mine too actually” (husband of patient)

“This has taken me right back to the days in the war when the ladies used to come round and bring us tea.” (patient)

“This is the most we’ve seen her eat for days” (Redlynch nurse)

Elevate is very grateful to have received funding for the Salisbury tea parties from the Hope Pilkington Trust.

At Home with Me

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon, Elevate has completed a pilot project called “At Home with Me”. The project came about because patients often expressed a wish that they could take our artists home with them!

memory box used in At Home with Me project

Elevate artists have been visiting housebound patients and developing stimulating activities for them. For example, patient G was referred to us by his Care Co-ordinator, having been discharged from hospital after a stroke which has affected his communication and movement. Creative Practitioner David has been working with G, whose wife K fed back to us:

“I’m really pleased with how it’s going. There is other help but only the form of babysitting – ‘static help’. This is not stimulating, but when David comes along, G is much more alert. David doesn’t shout or talk down to G like the others do. After David’s first visit I read the poems he’d left. Then we did some drawing and G drew with his right hand – he doesn’t do much at all with his right hand now and it’s been ages since G has attempted to do any drawing at all. I’d be sorry to lose David’s input.”

We are currently looking for further funding to enable the At Home with Me project to continue, and are hoping to extend our work to residents in care homes.

This is Me

Elevate was chosen by Healthwatch Wiltshire and the Wiltshire and Swindon Users Network to gather the views of older people using health and social care in a project entitled, “This is Me”. Elevate took their successful vintage tea parties out into the community and into people's homes as a way of encouraging people to share their views, thoughts and feelings about health and social care.

older people enjoying one of the 'This is Me' project tea parties

You can read more about the project and see the finished film showing people's experiences of using health and social care on the Healthwatch website.

More information

For more information about the programme please email Rebecca Seymour, Elevate Coordinator on 01722 336262 ext 4306.

The Elevate programme is currently funded by Salisbury Hospital Charitable Trustees, Salisbury Independent Hospital Trust and Stars Appeal Pembroke Fund:

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