Permanent Artworks

ArtCare's permanent collection of artworks numbers well over 1000 items and many of these are viewable in public corridors, waiting rooms and external spaces around the hospital.

The collection includes paintings, textile works, stained glass, sculpture and mosaic. You can view a selection of the artworks in the collection in our online galleries below.

Healthcare history collection

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Weekly parade retreat, the Green 158th General Hospital, Odstock (Picture credit R. Bolton)

Weekly parade retreat on the greeen, 158th General Hospital, Odstock
Picture credit: R. Bolton

On 12 December 1942, the 5th General Hospital transferred the hospital structures, together with the 361 remaining patients to a new location near Salisbury. An advance party of 5 Officers and 43 enlisted men had travelled in 18 vehicles from Northern Ireland to Odstock on 8th December and prepared for the reception of the main body which was expected to arrive ten days later. It was impossible at this time to secure rail and/or water transportation for the main body so arrangements were therefore made for air transportation.

31 Officers, 66 Nurses, 268 Enlisted Men, 11 female civilian employees and assigned Red Cross personnel were transported by air without incident, including 50,000 pounds of personal luggage, medical equipment and records.

Following repairs, modifications and adaptations, the 5th General Hospital formerly opened on 1 March 1943. During this period the organisation cared for a total of 10,004 patients. In addition to its normal functions, the 5th General Hospital established special facilities for care of soldiers suffering from ‘combat fatigue’.

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