Bright Ideas - Crowdfunding project

Light bulb idea symbol created from titanium implants

Thank you to all who supported our Crowdfunding project to encourage future innovation and inventors for health care and engineering. Our project has been successfully part funded. The Brainteaser quiz answers are available here. Thank you to all those who entered and the lucky winner of the framed print was Sarah Jennings.

Freedom to imagine

stars logo banner for Breast Unit

Patients are benefitting from the new dedicated Breast Unit, funded by the Stars Appeal, which was officially opened at the end of March. The Unit was co-designed by staff and patients with ArtCare’s Penny Calvert, and is the culmination of more than a year’s worth of creative thinking and sensitive discussions, or rather the freedom to imagine how a space could be different. Photo above of main waiting area courtesy of Altro Ltd.

The waiting area creates a sense of calm with its clusters of armchairs and sofas mirroring the colours in the floor-to-ceiling printed Altro DigiClad™ panels - you can almost imagine that you are sitting in the bluebell woods. This calmness and use of colour continues in the treatment and consulting rooms with the Rose Room, which will be used for fittings, feeling like a boutique. ArtCare’s Penny Calvert commented, "The new Breast Unit is a wonderful example of a clinical service delivered in a soothing space without compromising function and it’s all thanks to the incredible support of local people donating to the Stars Appeal."

Download our special newsletter feature on the Breast Unit, including more pictures

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